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Welcome to Happy Wheels Full Version Game. You can play online Happy Wheels 2,3, Demo, Full Version Game here. Happy Wheels Full Version game added many characters. All these characters are on wheels. You are able to select anybody from various characters which are available in this game.

Happy Wheels is a bloody physics based vehicle game. The goal of Happy Wheels game is to reach the exit of level.

Select your character and vehicle : bike, wheelchair or two-wheeler and try to find a way to the exit in each level, alive.Ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.!

How to play Happy Wheels Full Game :

  • Primary Action ( after ejecting : grab) : Use the Space bar.
  • Secondary Actions : Use the Ctrl and Shift and ‘Z’ key to eject.
  • Decelerate : Use ‘Down’ arrow key.
  • Lean Forward : Use ‘Right’ arrow key.
  • Lean Back : Use ‘Left’ arrow key.
  • Accelerate : Use ‘Up’ arrow key.
  • You can restart with ‘ESC’ key or ‘R’ key.

Have Fun !

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  1. quinten van witzenburg says:

    is game is awesome

  2. quinten says:

    i love this game

  3. quinten says:

    i love this game its really awesome and cool

  4. bob says:

    love happy wheels

  5. bill tock says:


  6. brit brit says:

    I love happy wheels

  7. mindy says:

    I want happy wheels

  8. christopher mcadams says:

    if you hate then why are you here

  9. eddy says:

    i love happy wheels

  10. Amar Plancic says:

    ova igra je cool i volim je

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